About ZAGA


The brand ZAGA has risen from a passion for pure creation. In its core lays a combination of modern design and universal values of the arts, science and knowledge as such. ZAGA creates fashion that is intelligent and spiritual, and at the same time lucid and unpretentious.

We design for young people who want the world to see their uniqueness and their attitude. Led by the idea that knowledge enriches the soul, and imagination adds alchemy to life by turning information into experience, we create imaginative pieces that embody our life philosophy. A mix of music, painting, literature and science is the lucky charm of our fashion, but also our lives.

The brand’s slogan for true soul seekers explains our deep commitment to the inner calling and wish to discover the essence of who we really are. ZAGA is a brand that encourages people to reveal their true nature. If we touch even a few hearts, our mission is accomplished.

In the meantime, we rely on top quality and originality of our products.