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Career choice – it’s never too late

Last friday on our Instagram profile we discussed a topic that’s rarely talked about in our media, but which we find to be of great importance – career choice. How to choose our career, are we to young or unfit to make that choice before enrolling in college, how are we supposed to pick just one profession if we are multitalented, when is it too late for us to change or minds, actually, is it ever too late for us to change our minds? These are the questions we talked about with our wonderful guest, psychologist Aleksandra Birta.

Other than Zaga who is the lovely creator of this brand and who emits everything she creates as an artist, designer and visionary, and whose formal education has nothing to do with fashion, there are other very big names in this industry that had a similar path. Ralph Loren, Miuccia Prada and Giorgio Armani are the names that literally made the fashion industry we recognize today. Their brands gave us many of the classics that we adore and which we often see in reinterpretation of high street brands. However, none of these designers had any formal education that would essentially prepare them for the industry they work in today, which obviously did not stop them in making great success.

Miuccia Prada and Gianni Versace went to Univerisity of Milan.

Đorđo Armani

Giorgio originally wanted to be a doctor, however, after three years of studies he decided to stop and go to the army.

Afterwards he started working as a sailsman in a department store where he learned all the marketing tricks and earned his first experiences.

During the sixties he started working as a male underwear designer for the company Nino Cerutti, and at this time he also worked with many designer houses as a freelancer until he finally made his own brand Giorgio Armani in 1975.

On the other side we have Miuccia Prada who is a doctor of political sciences even though we recognize her as the head of fashion houses Prada and Miu Miu.

Even though Miuccia is famous for her work in fashion, this is not her first creative job.

After finishing her studies, she worked in the theatre as a mime. In 1985. she made her first bag, and in 1989. she designed and presented her first ready-to-wear collection.

Muća Prada

Ralph Loren studied business studies in Baruch college in Manhattan after which he went to the army. When he came back, he started working as a salesman in Brooks Brothers company which was the most popular brand at the time. Not long after that he started designing ties under the name Polo, and these ties were sold in big fashion stores like Bloomingdales. In 1970 he got a Coty award for design and after this, his career started going up to the prestige that he is known for today.

Nikad nisam mislio da ću biti dizajner, čak nisam znao šta to znači biti dizajner, ali oduvek sam znao da u sebi nosim nešto što želim izraziti.
– Ralf Loren

What we want is to encourage you in making your dreams come true, to commit to your dreams and your personal growth, in every way, but especially in professional. Job that we choose and the job that we do plays a very big role in our lives, it should be something we love, something that will fulfill ust. This is exactly why we should always follow our instincts, appreciate our multipotentionality and never give up any part of our personality but instead embrace everything that we are so that others can also see and appreciate our strengths and abilities. It is never too late to change your profession, it is never too late for you to do something that might even scare you or has made you insecure until now. There is beauty in the unknown, and overcoming your fears is what you need to do on your way to self-discovery.

In the conversation with psychologist Aleksandra Birta we found out that multipotentionality means that we as people are often mulitalented and that we have the right to have many professional achievements in our lifetime, that it is never too late to start doing what we love, how to put our children on a good road to success and if our children already surpassed us in their freedom to be who they want to be.

We want to invite you to watch our video if you didn’t already, hoping that it will inspire you or help you to make that scary new step in your career.
If you did already watch the video, write us in the comment section of other successful people that embraced their true calling late in life, or about your personal wishes that you will try to make come true in the future.

We want to break the stigma that there is a late time for changes, and to encourage you to work on yourself and to build your successes one day at a time until you reach that zenith point that you’ve been dreaming about.

We all have only one life, and what we can do during that life is to at least try.

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