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Until there are fundamental changes in the industry itself, the good news is that all of us individuals have an impact and can make a contribution, precisely with purchasing decisions on a personal level and the way we treat clothing. Thoughtful shopping instead of impulsive, focusing on the quality and longevity of clothes, choosing quality, natural, organic materials, giving preference to small local producers and ethically produced pieces, forwarding clothes to people who really need them - are just some of the ways.

Valentine's Day is one of our favorite holidays, this is the day when the whole world unites and becomes romantic. Love is one of the most important motives in our brand and the biggest driver of our creativity, which is why we wanted to give you a 10% discount on one, and 20% on two purchased items from our offer. We want you today, as every day, to be happy and in love, with your partners, with yourself, on this day, with all the beautiful things that surround you and to celebrate your positive feelings and the love that surrounds you.

What we want is to encourage you to make your dreams come true, to dedicate time to yourself and your growth, in every sense and especially business. The work we do holds a very important role in our lives, it should be something we love and that will fulfill us, that is why we should follow our own impulse, encourage our multipotentialism and not give up any part of our personality but we accept, improve and express so that others can see that part of us.

Kapsula kolekcija je sjajan koncept koji podržavamo u svakom smislu, to je način da našu garderobu ne gomilamo i ne zagubimo se u trendovima, već zaista nosimo, volimo i iskoristimo u potpunosti. Upravo tome svi treba da težimo. Ono na šta mi stavljamo akcenat jeste personalizacija ovog koncepta i pozitivan osećaj koji će nas pratiti od momenta kada se obučemo kroz ceo dan, do večeri kada skinemo odabranu kombinaciju.

When I imagined the coat, I imagined the feeling I want to be overwhelmed when I wear it. Clothing has the power to contribute to our day much more than we can imagine. I want to have a piece that I will come back to again and enjoy wearing it. I want it to challenge me to re-experiment with shape and texture, to be that coat every day but to contribute to my idea in a different way. I want to feel warm and safe in him, I want to be hugged.

Despite all the things that will remind us of this year, we would never in our lives think that they would call us fashion associates. In 2020, she took away so much from all of us, and in return she gave us something completely ridiculous - she returned the tracksuit to fashion. With the new trend came a new piece from the ZAGA collection - a sweatshirt dress with a positive message that they adored, and we were extremely happy about it. There is nothing wrong with the clothes we wear predetermining the feeling that will guide us through the day, and we want to feel good in our Feeling good dresses.

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