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Next to all the things that will remind us of the past year, none of us would ever imagine that we would instantly connect fashion to 2020. A lot was taken from us during the last year and in return we got something ridiculous – tracksuits are now back in style. Maybe this is a perfectly logical order of things, so we decided to make our own version of this trend. A high quality, soft, and comfortable hooded sweatshirt like dress is what we came up with. And the added message Feeling good is what made you love it so much.

We have decided to ask one of the first people to buy it, a journalism student and fashion enthusiast Milica Dragomirović, what is it about this dress that makes her feel good.

Fact is, never have I ever felt the need to go out and buy a sweatshirt dress before last year. Until now, sweatshirts and tracksuits have always kind of been a part of my wardrobe but they would never leave the house. When I saw that Zaga was offering a sweatshirt dress, plus styled with high heeled boots, I realized that the new trend was awfully likeble, or even fun and pretty. When I let go of the stigma that fashion is not supposed to be comfortable and that beauty requires pain, I realized that this piece was a perfect companion for me.

It is obvious that we all need to leave this discomfort that we’re living in right now, we feel the need to feel good. I don’t know if it’s because of the hidden message of love or because of the obvious mantra of good feeling, but this dress became my most loved go to piece, and I am sure that it is not a hit of the season but something that we will all be going back to. I say we because of my newfound love for comfort that I know I share with many other women because all of these dresses found their new homes. I will of course continue to wear this dress whenever and wherever I can with my leopard Adidas sneakers and I will be waiting for Zaga’s new collection with the sounds of Nina Simone, and I will be feeling good.

There is nothing wrong in accenting how we actually feel in our clothes next to how we look in them. We think it’s important that we allow ourselves to feel comfortable, to remember the beauty of simplicity and that now we have more right than ever to change our habits. Even though 2020 proved how drastically the outside world can change, it also made us persistent in our wish to control our inside worlds ourselves, to choose our own thoughts, to focus on good things, to carefully listen to our inner voice and to feel good within. A small proof that there are many of us that feel the same are your photos in our Feeling good dresses that still live with you in the form of positive vibes. Clothes sometimes have the power to determine how we will go trough our days, we want to win every day and we choose to feel good whilst doing it, and we wish you the same!

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