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Hugging coat

When I think of an oversized coat I always go back to the interview Alexa Chung had with the fashion journalist Camille Charierre. From a wardrobe full of classical, simple and typical french like pieces, Camille pulls out a coat that wouldn’t be remembered by many. The coat is obviously a few sizes too big, it’s not necessarily what you would call stylish or trendy, it’s quite dark and it’s huge, the essence of it might even be unnoticable to others, but to me it was beautiful. Months and months after watching this interview it was time to put my name on a coat, the one that I designed and the one that I was proud of. A coat is an imperative for winter, it is the beginning and the end of every outfit, and it is a key piece that we cling to no matter how much we change the outfits underneath. When the moment finally came for me to wear my brand’s coat it was everything I imagined it would be. It was huge in the best way possible, monochromatic, classical, warm, not at all heavy or rough. It was a hugging coat.

Later it came to me what were the things that inspired me to create the coat that I did, why it should be big and not perfectly fitted or slim. I soon realized that in the overbearing reality that we are surrounded by, this should be the one easy piece we simply put on and feel relaxed rather than restricted in any way. I also wanted to feel Parisian, perfectly imperfect and in love with all of my little flaws. I wanted to feel romantic.

Neizbežna inspiracija: francuska spisateljica Karolin de Megre u prelepom, oversized kaputu


“Čvrsto verujte u sopstvenu sreću, zadržite radost i usudite se na rizike. Videće vas i naučiti da vas prihvate.”

– Rene Šar, Zorolomci


Then I remembered Frida, sitting calmly on a chair in Diego’s suit, which in that moment is a symbol of her own emotional and intellectual independence. The autoportrait in which she sits stripped from her femininity doesn’t make her any less beautiful or strong, au contraire, it makes her more powerful and self aware than ever. In the very moment that she was painting this autoportrait, her hair, the flowercrown and her clothes are no longer the symbols of her character, because even in his big and dark suit, she is equally amazing and her power doesn’t fade. That’s what I want to be.

Frida Kahlo “Self portrait with cropped hair”, 1940.

When I first imagined my coat, I imagined the feeling I wanted to get when I wear it.

Clothes have the power to contribute to our days more than we can imagine. I wanted to have the piece that I will always be going back to and the piece I will enjoy wearing. I wanted to be challenged when it comes to mixing different textures and forms, I wanted it to be the same coat everyday even though every single day is different. I wanted it to make me feel warm and safe, but also for it to allow me to run across the road in it, or hide in it, I wanted it to make me feel the same way I feel when I’m at home with my man, I wanted to feel hugged. When I finally made the coat that has my name on it, I got everything I ever wanted. It’s a hugging coat.

Intervju Alexe Čang i Kamil Šerier:

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